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March 4, 2012
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GT: Hey, sexy
TT: English, what the hell?
GT: I'm just, you know, having a fun time.
TT: You're not making any sense. Are you drunk again?
GT: Psht. No.
TT: English.
TT: English?
TT: Dammit English. I'm coming over.
Dirk sat there for a moment, staring at the computer screen. This was the forth time this week that Jake had drank himself drunk. Except tonight, instead of not doing anything about it, the blonde was going to try to stop him. To be honest, it was starting to worry him. It was not like Jake had never been drunk before, he was once or twice in the past, but that was nothing. It was just that this time it was consistent. Every night this was happening.
Then something clicked in his head and before he noticed what he was doing, his fingers were flying across the keyboard.
TT: Lalonde. This is your fault.
TG: what
TG: what is my falt
TG: *fault
TT: The reason why English is all drunk out of his mind right now.
TG: it wsa his choce
TG: *was
TG: choice
TT: Doubt it.
TG: how could it be my fault
TT: You probably taunted him about it. Saying things like, "It will soothe you" while you waved the bottle in his face.
TG: watever
TG: I wouldnt do that to him
TT: Liar.
TG: it is nto
TG: not
Strider stared at the screen with a small sigh. Why was he trying to blame Jake's actions on Lalonde. It wasn't her fault. He just needed to blame someone.
TT: Sorry Lalonde. I didn't mean to automatically blame you.
TG: its okay
TG: i am the one who supplied hum
TG: *him
TG: I know where he is though
TG: after all I know youre probably concerned about him
TG: because of how you feel you towards him
TT: Thanks and I don't know what you mean by "I know how you feel about him" I'm just concerned for him like a bro is concerned for a bro.
TG: watever dick
TG *dirk
TG: anyway hes at janeys house to talk to her about something
TT: Alright. Thanks again. Talk to you later.
Dirk sat there for a moment. Jane's house? Why? He sighed and shook his head. If he was at Jane's then he was fine. HE leaned back in his chair and laid his head back as well.


He looked at the screen through his pointy shades. He recognized that cyan text.

GG: Dirk?
GG: Dirk?!
TT: What's wrong?
GG: It's Jake.
GG: A few minutes ago he came over, hammered out of his mind. He started to talk kind of weirdly.
TT: He already does that.
GG: No. I mean, weirder than Jake English weird.
TT: How so?
GG: It's hard to explain. Just come over here now.
TT: Why?
GG: He's passed out on the couch and muttering in his sleep. He keeps saying your name over and over in a weird voice.
TT: Fine. I'll be there in a few.

Dirk grabbed his jacket and headed outside. Since his car wasn't working and he hadn't gotten around to fix it, he was going to have to walk.
As he was walking he glanced down at his watch. It was just a little after nine-thirty. He let out a small chuckle. English was already passed out and it wasn't even ten. How lame.
I was sitting around in Finding Your Future and came up with an idea for a story. I pulled out a blank notebook and began to write some things down. This is just part of it.
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Ariela1230 Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL "Watever Dick" nice one Lalonde!
why tank you
Risa213 Sep 21, 2012  Student General Artist
:3 i want more i like this
Good thing there is!
where is the rest of it?
It's set in chapters. They should be in my gallery.
i kind of want to know the backstory. apparently they live somewhere at the same time and can visit each other?
Well, in my story, they do live in the same town and at the same time. All four of the kids do. It kind of makes it easier to write. I hope that answers your question...
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